2018 Page One Awards in Magazine Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Thursday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in magazine journalism.


Best Profile Story


First Place, Steve Lange, Rochester Magazine

“Rocket Man”


Judge’s comment

“It is deeply difficult to write well about an untested young person. Adding sports to that mix is another challenge. Mr. Lange deftly creates excitement and ethos in unexpected but pleasing ways in this profile.”


Second Place, Kim Ode, Star Tribune

“Michele Tafoya in a Man’s World”

Third Place, Amelia Rayno, Star Tribune

“King Of Cold”


Best Feature Story


First Place, Sharyn Jackson, Star Tribune

“The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham”


Judge’s comment

“Good reporting that lead to good writing with a strong sense of place and ear for dialogue and detail.”


Second Place, Paul Scott, Rochester Magazine


Third Place, Doug Hennes, St Thomas Magazine

“Pulitzer Proud”


Best Department


First Place, Gail Rosenblum, Star Tribune

“Afraid to Ask”


Judge’s comment

“This department grabs the readers attention with the old “asking for a friend” concept. This space does an excellent job of asking socially awkward questions that everyone has wondered about. I love that this department adds both service and quirk to the publication’s lineup.”


Second Place, Jennifer Koski, Rochester Magazine

“Random Rochesterite”

Third Place, Chris Marshall, Jeff Jacobson, Woodworker’s Journal

“Tricks of the Trade”


Best Column


First Place, Dale Kurschner, Twin Cities Business           

“Editor’s Note”

Second Place, Nell Musolf, Mankato Magazine

“That’s Life”


Best Cover


First Place, Emily Utne, City Pages

“Till Death Do Us Part”


Judge’s comment

“This edgy, spare, elegant cover invites (demands, really) readers to turn the page and start reading. I really want to know what happened to Elisa Gomez now, too!”


Second Place, Mike Ekern, St. Thomas Magazine Winter 2017

Third Place, Lisa Houghton, Rochester Magazine

Best Restaurants


Best Page Design


First Place, Staff Star Tribune         

“Photos of the Year”


Judge’s comment

“Working with so many images, it’s easy for the reader to get lost. But the placement of photos, the photos chosen to be full page, etc. was done artfully and made it easy to read and enjoy the beautiful photography.”


Second Place, Valerie Moe, Minnesota Good Age

“Mozart’s Salzburg”


Graphics/Art and illustration


First Place, Star Tribune Staff         

“Prince Inc.”

Second Place, Troy Becker, Perham Focus

“2017 Progress: The Year of Retail”

Third Place, Jeff Jacobson, Woodworker’s Journal

Mini Tabletop Workbench


Best Issue


First Place, Nick Woltman, Molly Ballis, St. Paul Pioneer Press



Judge’s comment

“This WWI anniversary edition isn’t a magazine in the traditional sense. But it localizes the Great War to Minnesota – and it pulls no punches.”


Second Place, Star Tribune staff

Star Tribune, Dayton/December Issue

Third Place, Brian Brown, Patty Petersen, Mike Ekern, Sara Klomp 

St. Thomas magazine, Winter 2017