2020 Page One Awards in Television Journalism (>50 newsroom employees)

MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in television journalism (more than 50 newsroom employees).


3B. Hard News Report [Television] First Place Tom Lyden KMSP-TV Treasure Above, Riches Below An informative and intriguing story about the proposed copper-nickel mine near the Minnesota Boundary Waters. This story explains in simple terms some pretty technical subjects, then moves into the political implications of the proposed mine.
    Doug Solomon      
    Brad Swagger      
    John Michael      
  Second Place Jennifer Mayerle WCCO-TV Lead Concerns Linked to Water Gremlin  
    Sean Skinner      
    Dave Chaney      
    Grant Verdon      
3C. Feature [Television] First Place Boyd Huppert KARE 11 Bob & Lulu This story about Bob’s friendship with Lulu, an injured ruffed grouse, is a prime example of how something that might appear to be insignificant can turn into a great feature story when properly told. This is a touching piece.
    Chad Nelson      
3E. Investigative [Television] First Place AJ Lagoe KARE 11 Mission Critical This entry showed a variety of investigative techniques to get answers for a segment of the population who deserve our respect-veterans. KARE looked into ways the government is failing our veterans, financially, physically and mentally. The stories had broad appeal and were packed full of emotion.
    Gary Knox      
    Steve Eckert      
    Aaron Adelson      
  Second Place Tom Lyden KMSP-TV An Unexplained Death  
    Tyler Ryan      
    Brad Swagger      
    John Michael      
  Third Place Jennifer Mayerle WCCO-TV Water Gremlin Finds Way to Keep Operating  
    Dave Chaney      
    Lewis Karpel      
    Bill Kruskop      
3F. Newscast [Television] First Place WCCO Newsroom WCCO-TV WCCO This Morning WCCO’s newscast had an interesting set of stories — from a fire to perspective on the immigrant population in Minnesota to kitties and birdies and the baseball museum. Something for everyone in this newscast.
3G. Sports News Coverage [Television] First Place Boyd Huppert KARE 11 Triumph, Tragedy & Laughter These are three wide-ranging sports stories that are definitely not typical. A touching story about a world-class gymnast who balances training, school, family and her dad’s injury; the crazy all hockey hair team video; the fun sandlot marathon. These stories give sports coverage a new, interesting definitely not run-of-the-mill definition.
    Chad Nelson      
    Carly Danek