2020 Page One Awards in Television Journalism (<50 newsroom employees)

MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in television journalism (under 50 newsroom employees).


3A. Spot/Breaking News [Television] First Place Nick Jansen KTTC-TV Lake City Tornado Comprehensive coverage of the devastation caused by a tornado that touched down in Lake City. From the lead-in with stills and video of the destruction to the interviews with witnesses and property owners, plus information from officials — this package provided viewers with everything they needed to know about the weather event.
    Ubah Ali      
    Chuck Sibley      
    Nathan Nakama      
3C. Feature [Television] First Place Laura Lee KAAL TV Riding for Love Nice commitment to this story. It was the emotion, out forward at an appropriate time, that made this story the winner. Nice job!
  Second Place Dan Wolfe KBJR-TV Sawyer County Voting Record  
    Blake Melin      
3D. Special Project/In-depth Series [Television] First Place Calyn Thompson KIMT-TV Homeless for the Holidays series This three-part series on homelessness by Calyn Thompson puts a spotlight on not only the statistics about homelessness in the Rochester area but the programs available to help and the people who are being helped. An interesting series about a widespread problem in U.S. cities.
  Second Place Sarah Gannon KTTC-TV Islands of Lake Pepin  
    Chuck Sibley      
3F. Newscast [Television] First Place Newsroom   WDIO-TV WDIO News at Six This is a very strong team. I was impressed by the number of reporters contributing to the show in this size market. Both Bailhy Warfield and Brandon Weathers, who were covering storms in the field were extremely smooth live. Both shots had great visuals. There was also good sound in the piece on clergy abuse. Overall – really well done newscast.
  Second Place Ramona Marozas KBJR-TV KBJR 6 News at 5  
    Dan Wolfe      
    Jessie Slater      
    Adam Clark      
  Third Place Nathan Nakama KTTC-TV Lake City Tornado  
    Tom Overlie      
    Michele Gors      
    Nick Jansen      
3G. Sports News Coverage [Television] First Place Kevin Jacobsen KBJR-TV Blind Golfer Hole in One A heartwarming story about two brothers who share their love of the game of golf and also a once in a lifetime shot. The story was well written and had several great moments.