April 6, 1999 Meeting Minutes

Members Present
Dave Aeikens, president; Mike Knaak, treasurer; Kathleen Hansen, secretary; Judy Borger, Jim Durkin, Jay Maxwell, Juliana Thill, board members.

Thanks to Jim Durkin for hosting the meeting.

Regional Conference
Hansen reported that registrations for the conference were very low. Everyone was encouraged to drum up interest and attendance. All programs were arranged and the hotel was informed about the requirements for meals and AV. The total income raised for the Regional conference from media sponsors is $3,800.00.

Page One Awards
Thill will do the invitation for the May 25th program.

The Colorado entries are judged and ready to go back. Borger is waiting for one Washington judge to get back to her. Maxwell won’t get a list of winners for the television categories until April 20

Winners’ names have to be proofed on the program and plaques. We have to send the AP a list of winners when we have them.

Aeikens announced his choices for the President’s Award: Laura Peterson and Brian Bellmont. Knaak moved and Borger seconded approval of the award.

Three different versions of the ballot (with names in different order) were printed. As soon as the envelopes are stuffed they can be mailed. Ballots are supposed to be returned by June 1.

The chapter’s balance is now $22,205.96, including the proceeds from the Page One entry fees.

Freedom of Information
The News Council event on March 17 about the Hiawatha incident attracted about 100 – 130 people. The meeting between SPJ board members and Charlie Weaver has not yet happened.

Total members are 158; we’ve added 25 members this year. Many national members are not local members. Aeikens sent 20 brochures to Duluth to start a Twin Ports chapter. He got an e-mail back saying that there isn’t a lot of interest.

The newsletter announcing the Page One banquet will go out on May 1. Thill will ask Tandem to do a podium sign for the governor’s talk. The chapter will send out a press release about the governor’s appearance.

New Business
The group discussed the idea of having the chapter revive the old Minnesota Press Club. They also discussed a Minnesota SPJ Newsmakers Lunch model for the chapter’s activities. A big question concerned how it would be paid for.

Aeikens would like to do a program on the gopher basketball story and the Pioneer Press handling of the situation. Borger suggested that Lundy and Gowler might do a reprise of their presentation to the newsroom about the development of the story and the decision-making process.

The next meeting will be on May 10.