MNSPJ objects to restrictions on access to public meeting in Minneapolis

On the evening of Jan. 22, local journalists were prevented from recording a public meeting of a committee advising the city of Minneapolis on the Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment. Members of the press were told they could not take photos or record video of the meeting, which violated the spirit of Minnesota’s Open Meeting Law and the committee’s own bylaws, which state that “meetings will be open to the public.”

Minneapolis officials told the Star Tribune Jan. 23 that they will reiterate the requirements of the Open Meeting Law for committee members. The board of the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists commends the city’s response, and stands with the journalists who attempted to cover this public meeting. At a time of increasing restrictions of public information and rising animosity toward members of the press, the board calls on community leaders and elected officials in Minneapolis to do the same.

Contact: Christopher Snowbeck, MNSPJ President,