MNSPJ announces 2024 scholarship recipient

Kenzie Nguyen, the 2024 MNSPJ scholarship recipient (photo provided)

The Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists is proud to offer Kenzie Nguyen, a resident of Brooklyn Park and undergraduate at St. Olaf College, a $2,000 scholarship.

After reviewing her application, including her written and managerial work for the Olaf Messenger, the scholarship committee was unanimous in its decision. The committee’s five judges were impressed by her willingness to look off campus for sourcing and take a global view on issues such as student housing, rather than merely surveying peers on campus for their immediate reaction to current events.

Her stories on how the rising cost of housing impacts students took her to the State Capitol and to a city planning department.

She has also written for the Borgen Project, covering global poverty. Her body of work exhibits a strong world view and willingness to explore a wide range of issues.

Linda Mokdad, her academic adviser and former instructor, wrote an especially strong recommendation for her, stating: “As a first-generation college student, Kenzie takes nothing, whether academic or extracurricular, for granted. … In addition to Kenzie’s impressive range of knowledge, intellectual strengths and gifts, she may also be one of the most conscientious students I have ever taught. She is happy to lead, but is decidedly humble and eager to learn from others. ”

For these reasons, judges from the Sahan Journal, Pioneer Press, American Public Media Group and Snopes were happy to select her as the chapter’s 2024 scholarship recipient.