2020 Page One Awards in Magazine Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in magazine journalism.


2A. Best Profile Story [Magazine] First Place Julie Kendrick Minnesota Good Age A recipe for change Wonderfully written profile that delves into the complexity of the process that goes into what, on the surface, looks like one woman’s simple gesture of good will and humanity.
  Second Place Pam Louwagie Star Tribune Mondale on Demand  
  Third Place Amy Carlson Gustafson University of St. Thomas Magazine Dream. Hope. Believe. Do.  
2B. Best Feature Story [Magazine] First Place John Rosengren Mpls. St. Paul Magazine The Last Days of Hemingway at Mayo Clinic Beautiful and effective use of memories and details help capture Hemingway’s ultimate fate. While this feature story was extremely thorough, including very interesting information about research that may better explain why Hemingway ultimately committed suicide, the story maintains human interest throughout. A good read, indeed.
  Second Place Abbie Burgess Minnesota Parent Open to love  
  Third Place Jenna Ross Star Tribune Lost Ships of Lake Superior  
2C. Best Department [Magazine] First Place Jennifer Koski Rochester Magazine Random Rochesterite These columns are especially compelling because they prove that everyone has a story to tell. Questions to the interviewee are nicely tailored to their lives. All three entries were interesting reads.
  Second Place Sarah Jackson Minnesota Parent From the Editor  
  Third Place Steve Lange Rochester Magazine 10 (or so) Questions  
2D. Best Column [Magazine] First Place Jenna Ross Star Tribune State Secrets I appreciate the writer who can make me see the familiar in a new light, who helps me to understand that my home is not one place, but many. In that discovery, Ross gives her readers the gift of seeing, appreciating and understanding in a new way the place they call home.
  Second Place Adam Platt Twin Cities Business Plattitudes  
  Third Place Katie Dohman Minnesota Parent World’s Okayest Mom  
2E. Best Cover [Magazine] First Place Brenda Taylor Minnesota Parent Camp Issue: March 2019 Excellent use of color. The font was well used and overall idea was really showcased here. Spacing is great.
  Second Place Danielle Cunningham Minnesota Good Age September 2019: Suzie Marty  
  Third Place Joe Ahlquist Rochester Magazine I Plan To Be A Strong Mayor  
    Lisa Houghton      
2F. Best Page Design [Magazine] First Place Valerie Moe Minnesota Parent Best-kept secret Excellent use of space. The typography and colors really bring this piece together. Placement of type makes everything easy to read.
  Second Place Tonya




Minnesota Monthly Best MN 2019  
  Third Place Kim Maxwell Vu Star Tribune Photos of the Year  
2H. Best Issue [Magazine] First Place Staff   Rochester Magazine Rochester Magazine Well-written articles, great photography and interesting design make Rochester Magazine a standout. Breakout boxes and calendars add so much to keep readers’ interest.
  Second Place Staff   City Pages City Pages  
  Third Place Sarah Jackson Minnesota Parent Minnesota Parent: Health Issue  

2020 Page One Awards in Television Journalism (>50 newsroom employees)

MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in television journalism (more than 50 newsroom employees).


3B. Hard News Report [Television] First Place Tom Lyden KMSP-TV Treasure Above, Riches Below An informative and intriguing story about the proposed copper-nickel mine near the Minnesota Boundary Waters. This story explains in simple terms some pretty technical subjects, then moves into the political implications of the proposed mine.
    Doug Solomon      
    Brad Swagger      
    John Michael      
  Second Place Jennifer Mayerle WCCO-TV Lead Concerns Linked to Water Gremlin  
    Sean Skinner      
    Dave Chaney      
    Grant Verdon      
3C. Feature [Television] First Place Boyd Huppert KARE 11 Bob & Lulu This story about Bob’s friendship with Lulu, an injured ruffed grouse, is a prime example of how something that might appear to be insignificant can turn into a great feature story when properly told. This is a touching piece.
    Chad Nelson      
3E. Investigative [Television] First Place AJ Lagoe KARE 11 Mission Critical This entry showed a variety of investigative techniques to get answers for a segment of the population who deserve our respect-veterans. KARE looked into ways the government is failing our veterans, financially, physically and mentally. The stories had broad appeal and were packed full of emotion.
    Gary Knox      
    Steve Eckert      
    Aaron Adelson      
  Second Place Tom Lyden KMSP-TV An Unexplained Death  
    Tyler Ryan      
    Brad Swagger      
    John Michael      
  Third Place Jennifer Mayerle WCCO-TV Water Gremlin Finds Way to Keep Operating  
    Dave Chaney      
    Lewis Karpel      
    Bill Kruskop      
3F. Newscast [Television] First Place WCCO Newsroom WCCO-TV WCCO This Morning WCCO’s newscast had an interesting set of stories — from a fire to perspective on the immigrant population in Minnesota to kitties and birdies and the baseball museum. Something for everyone in this newscast.
3G. Sports News Coverage [Television] First Place Boyd Huppert KARE 11 Triumph, Tragedy & Laughter These are three wide-ranging sports stories that are definitely not typical. A touching story about a world-class gymnast who balances training, school, family and her dad’s injury; the crazy all hockey hair team video; the fun sandlot marathon. These stories give sports coverage a new, interesting definitely not run-of-the-mill definition.
    Chad Nelson      
    Carly Danek      

2020 Page One Awards in Television Journalism (<50 newsroom employees)

MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in television journalism (under 50 newsroom employees).


3A. Spot/Breaking News [Television] First Place Nick Jansen KTTC-TV Lake City Tornado Comprehensive coverage of the devastation caused by a tornado that touched down in Lake City. From the lead-in with stills and video of the destruction to the interviews with witnesses and property owners, plus information from officials — this package provided viewers with everything they needed to know about the weather event.
    Ubah Ali      
    Chuck Sibley      
    Nathan Nakama      
3C. Feature [Television] First Place Laura Lee KAAL TV Riding for Love Nice commitment to this story. It was the emotion, out forward at an appropriate time, that made this story the winner. Nice job!
  Second Place Dan Wolfe KBJR-TV Sawyer County Voting Record  
    Blake Melin      
3D. Special Project/In-depth Series [Television] First Place Calyn Thompson KIMT-TV Homeless for the Holidays series This three-part series on homelessness by Calyn Thompson puts a spotlight on not only the statistics about homelessness in the Rochester area but the programs available to help and the people who are being helped. An interesting series about a widespread problem in U.S. cities.
  Second Place Sarah Gannon KTTC-TV Islands of Lake Pepin  
    Chuck Sibley      
3F. Newscast [Television] First Place Newsroom   WDIO-TV WDIO News at Six This is a very strong team. I was impressed by the number of reporters contributing to the show in this size market. Both Bailhy Warfield and Brandon Weathers, who were covering storms in the field were extremely smooth live. Both shots had great visuals. There was also good sound in the piece on clergy abuse. Overall – really well done newscast.
  Second Place Ramona Marozas KBJR-TV KBJR 6 News at 5  
    Dan Wolfe      
    Jessie Slater      
    Adam Clark      
  Third Place Nathan Nakama KTTC-TV Lake City Tornado  
    Tom Overlie      
    Michele Gors      
    Nick Jansen      
3G. Sports News Coverage [Television] First Place Kevin Jacobsen KBJR-TV Blind Golfer Hole in One A heartwarming story about two brothers who share their love of the game of golf and also a once in a lifetime shot. The story was well written and had several great moments.

2020 Page One Awards in Radio Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in radio journalism.


4A. Spot/Breaking News [Radio] First Place Tim Nelson MPR News Missing teen Jayme Closs emerged from woods, asked dog walker for help Very good piece, interview was laid out well, easy to follow and listen to
    Matt Sepic      
    Nancy Lebens      
    Evan Frost      
4B. Hard News Report [Radio] First Place Elizabeth Shockman MPR News At Burnsville’s Metcalf Middle School, racial slurs poisoned the culture Well done highlighting an important topic and how it affected both students and faculty, the quotes from the kids affected added to the story, audio levels were mixed pretty well
    Christine Nguyen      
    Eric Ringham      
    Laura McCallum      
  Second Place Leah Lemm Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations Native Lights: Where Indigenous Voices Shine – Media Makers Ep5  
    Cole Premo      
    Melissa Townsend      
    Laurie Stern      
4C. Feature [Radio] First Place Robert McGinley Myers KFAI’s MinneCulture Courtroom Theater Really interesting piece, never heard the theory of theater and attorneys, very good description to paint the picture in your head, covered the story really well, it’s memorable
  Second Place Ryan Dawes KFAI’s MinneCulture Unfamous Rock Manager Tells All  
  Third Place Sheila Regan KFAI’s MinneCulture Time Signatures Explained, Then Deranged  
4D. Special Project/In-depth Series [Radio] First Place Freddie Bell Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations Sex Trafficking: Breaking Free, A 2-Part Radio Documentary from KMOJ Outstanding work to do twice in a row, very good in-depth reporting covering multiple angles, getting different stories, testimonials, addition of the men’s side of the story was excellent
    Chantel SinGs      
    Laurie Stern      
    Erin Warhol      
  Second Place Andrea Swensson Minnesota Public Radio / The Current Prince: The Story of 1999  
    Anna Weggel      
    Corey Schreppel      
  Third Place Megan






MPR News To tackle the achievement gap, you have to tackle bias  
4E. Investigative [Radio] First Place Marianne Combs MPR News Innocence Lost Outstanding work to report on such a heartbreaking and impactful story to the community — thorough coverage, well done
    Eric Ringham      
    Christine Nguyen      
    Will Lager      
  Second Place Britt Aamodt KFAI’s MinneCulture Generation AIDS: Minnesota’s HIV/AIDS Crisis  
  Third Place Jennifer Lewerenz KNSI Who Helps the Helpers: Mental Health and the First Responder Community  
    Jake Judd      
    Myah Christenson      
4F. Newscast [Radio] First Place Newsroom   MPR News Morning Edition 7 a.m. newscast on Nov. 27, 2019 Comprehensive newscast, good coverage of breaking news, variety of stories
4G. Sports News Coverage [Radio] First Place Anna Stitt KFAI’s MinneCulture Rinkside With Brownbody Really good story highlighting multiple angles of sports, women in sports, women in figure skating, incorporated diversity

2020 Page One Awards in Online Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in online journalism.


5A. Best Website [Online] First Place Staff    MPR News mprnews.org In a field with several examples of thinking outside of some of the stuffier ruts of online news design, mprnews.org presented the cleanest, clearest and most robust website experience.
  Second Place Andrew




  Third Place  Staff   Star Tribune    
5B. Best Single News Story [Online] First Place Mukhtar Ibrahim Sahan Journal ‘Monster in our community’: East African youth break the silence over addiction A moving, well-sourced story that puts multiple, local faces on important issue to this community
  Second Place Erin Hinrichs MinnPost Video attacking equity efforts inflames racial controversy in Eastern Carver Co. Schools  
  Third Place Mukhtar Ibrahim Sahan Journal A northwestern Minnesota county removed a Somali mother’s kids. Somalis want to know why.  
5C. Best Continuing Coverage [Online] First Place Staff    Star Tribune This is Jayme Closs! Call 911!’ This work conveys beautifully a community’s shock and joy at Closs escaping alive, and how it happened. It appropriately respects and reflects the community’s desire to protect her. And what terrific reporting to get the job application her captor filed the day she escaped.
  Second Place  Jessica  Lee MinnPost Housing issues: continuing coverage  
  Third Place Staff    Star Tribune Cedar High Apartments fire  
5D. Best Single Feature Story/Package [Online] First Place Rick




Star Tribune A restaurant revolution This is great, innovative storytelling that relies on the platform (online presentation) to guide the reader. It’s a visually pleasing, clean design that combines photos, text, bulleted information, mugshots, graphics, and pull quotes – but it’s not cluttered. This is a comprehensively reported and beautifully displayed story.
  Second Place Anna




Star Tribune 12 hours with “Live From Here”  
  Third Place Peter








MinnPost A power map of Gov. of Tim Walz’ top staff  
5E. Best Single Sports Story/Package [Online] First Place Staff   Star Tribune An epic canoe journey The entire series was phenomenal–I found myself wanting more as I continued and finished reading all three pieces submitted. The vivid imagery kept me engaged the entire time.
  Second Place Staff   Star Tribune Road to Minneapolis  
  Third Place Chris Tomasson St. Paul Pioneer Press Vikings legend Fred Cox dies at 80: ‘Nobody’s going to live more than I did,’ he had said  
5F. Best Use of Multimedia [Online] First Place Anna Boone


Chris Serres

Richard Tsong-Taatarii

Glenn Howatt

Star Tribune Chaotic Care: Two families plead for help. It never comes. Fantastically good photography and stories that will break your heart. This is one story in a group of seven that share reporters, photographers, and a cross-story, visually arresting design that helps draw the reader in (though it also loads inconsistently and too often the photos are blocked by text). A huge project well executed, and complete with background information, graphics (not too many) and the amazing photos.
  Second Place Tim








MPR News Jingle Dress tradition  
  Third Place  








Minnesota Public Radio / The Current The Current Rewind: The Peters Brothers’ anti-rock crusade  
5G. Best social media account – Individual [Online] First Place Jason DeRusha WCCO-TV @DeRushaJ Jason DeRusha uses social media to inform and engage thousands of followers on myriad topics. Jason’s conversations with followers set him apart in this category. Great use of the medium to strengthen rapport with the public.
  Second Place Frederick Melo St. Paul Pioneer Press @FrederickMelo  
  Third Place Jessica Lee MinnPost @byjlee  
5H. Best social media account – Institutional [Online] First Place  Staff   MPR News MPR News Instagram A wonderful Instagram follow, full of news and entertainment. Delivering information in myriad ways — videos, photo galleries, stories — takes full advantage of everything the medium has to offer. Fans of the page are more than willing to engage.
  Second Place  Staff   Star Tribune Star Tribune Instagram account  
  Third Place  Staff   WCCO-TV WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota  
5I. Best News Video [Online] First Place Renée Jones Schneider Star Tribune Medicaid waiver process stresses parents already feeling pressure This is actual reporting and storytelling with a video camera. Extra congratulations for visually telling story that is, in the end, about paperwork. Not easy.
5J. Best Newsroom Blog [Online] First Place Michael Rand Star Tribune Randball Nice variety of content on this sports blog, which is well written and timely. Good work!
  Second Place  Rick  Nelson Star Tribune Table Talk  
  Third Place Paul








MPR News Updraft  
5K. Best Independent News Blog [Online] First Place Susan Perry MinnPost Second Opinion blog Blogger Susan Perry finds intriguing topics dealing with health. Her blogs are interesting reads with information that the public should know.
  Second Place Eric Black MinnPost Eric Black Ink  
  Third Place Scott Russell Healing Minnesota Stories Blog (Minnesota Council of Churches) News/Analysis Regarding Proposed Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline  
5L. Best Info-graphic / Data Visualization [Online] First Place Chris




Star Tribune Bombas Away Providing a “graphic look at the Twins’ record-setting 2019 home run barrage,” Bombas Away uses advanced coding to create a user-friendly interactive graphic that presents its data in the most interesting way possible. Readers can choose to view every home run hit during the 2019 season, or they can select a favorite player to see how they measured up. Bombas Away is a baseball lover’s dream and the perfect example of a newspaper using its online capabilities to their fullest potential.
  Second Place Greta Kaul MinnPost An illustrated guide to the signs of Minnesota spring  
  Third Place Eric Roper Star Tribune Take a guided photo tour of Minneapolis in 1907  
    Thomas Oide      
    Jeff Hargarten      
    James Lileks      

2020 Page One Awards in Photography


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in photography.


6A. Best News Photography First Place Evan Frost MPR News Collection of work Photos one and three captured powerful moments, nice composition, exposure and told the story in one frame. Well done.
  Second Place Jeff Wheeler Star Tribune Jeff Wheeler  
  Third Place Jean Pieri St. Paul Pioneer Press Polar Vertex  
6B. Best Feature Photography First Place Alex Kormann Star Tribune Alex Kormann Great composition, use of light and shadows. Great capture of action and exposure.
  Second Place Christine Nguyen MPR News Faces of Minnesota: A collection  
6C. Best Portrait Photography First Place Leila Navidi Star Tribune   Captivating use of light, technique and creativity in all portraits. The wide variety you included in your entries shows your skill in capturing fun moments and personalities in different categories and compositions. Really nice work.
  Second Place Evan Frost MPR News ChangeMakers  
  Third Place Colin Michael Simmons City Pages Colin Michael Simmons  
6D. Best Sports Photography First Place Aaron Lavinsky Star Tribune Aaron Lavinsky Great capture of moments and emotion that really tells the story of the game. Clean captures, thoughtful compositions. The first photo of the football team is a great moment, and really cool light with the weather. The hockey players you captured is a wonderful angle, love the athletes hair and expression. Third photo is unique. I have seen lots of wrestling shots and I like the unique and strangeness you captured. Nice Job!
  Second Place Evan Frost MPR News Lucy Laney boxing tournament  
  Third Place Eric Hylden Grand Forks Herald Eric Hylden’s sports photos