2018 Page One Awards in Television Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Thursday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in television journalism.


Spot/Breaking News Television – Fewer than 50 newsroom employees

First Place, WDIO Staff, WDIO-TV

Winter Storm Coverage


Judge’s comment

“Nice use of live presence, mixed with recorded elements, on a big story, affecting a large number of people.”


Second Place, Chris Yu, KTTC-TV

Cornfield Search


Hard News Report Television – Fewer than 50 newsroom employees

First Place, Julie Kruse, John Whaley, WDIO-TV

“Searching for Answers”


Judge’s comment

“This entry navigated the viewer through layers of information and multi-faceted elements. Story outlines an alarming, on-going problem in a calm, direct manner.”


Second Place, Steve Goodspeed, Cole White, WDIO-TV

“Marine’s Remains Return Home”


Hard News Report Television – 50+ newsroom employees

First Place, A.J. Lagoe, Steve Eckert, Gary Knox, Chad Nelson, KARE

“Secret Sex Offenders”


Judge’s comment

“The Secret Sex Offenders report received the winning edge in a razor thin race due its attempts to go beyond highlighting a problem. That is… the report showed initiative in attempting to hold those who have the power to do something about this problem,… accountable.”


Second Place, Tom Lyden, Brad Swagger, KMSP

“RoundUp Ready, or Not?”

Third Place, Jennifer Mayerle, Tom Aviles, WCCO

“A Courageous Life”


Feature Television – Fewer than 50 newsroom employees

First Place, Amy Adamle, Alexandra Buie, Kyle Aune, WDIO-TV

A Boy’s Bucket List


Judge’s comment

“This story allowed the viewer to get to know Dexter and his family in a short amount of time. It also told in a sensitive fashion– the challenge they face, and the way in which they are choosing to deal with that challenge. The story was nicely shot, and effectively utilized production elements. This story delivered moments that were both heart warming… and gut wrenching,.. at the same time.”


Second Place, Darren Danielson, Glenn Kellahan, WDIO-TV

“Small Woman, Big Message”

Third Place, Tom Overlie, Chuck Sibley, KTTC-TV      

“Going, Going, Still Going”

Third Place, Baihly Warfield, Kyle Aune, WDIO-TV

“Your Story in Ink”


Feature Television  – 50+ newsroom employees

First Place, Boyd Huppert, Chad   Nelson, KARE          

“Playing His Dues”


Judge’s comments

“Beautifully shot and written story. Like the pacing and the way you let the story unfold. Moments of humor included in it even though it was a rather serious piece. First class storytelling by both the reporter and the photographer.”


 Second Place, Lewis Karpel, John Lauritsen, WCCO   

“Finding Minnesota: Granite Falls Popcorn Stand”

Third Place, Tom Lyden, Brad Swagger, KMSP “The Life and Death of Jack Trice”


Special Project/In-depth Series Television – 50+ newsroom employees

First Place, AJ Lagoe, Steve Eckert, Gary Knox, KARE

“A Patter of Denial”


Judge’s comment

“An outstanding series that shows how investigative journalism can directly impact the lives of people and cause changes to leadership and authority. Being able to add news pegs to the story, with congressional response, information from the GAO, providing additional help to veterans after the series started its run, etc., added depth to the impact the series had. Excellent special project with outstanding reporting.”


Second Place, Tom Lyden, Brad Swagger, John Michael, Tyler Ryan, KMSP

“Invisible Danger”

Third Place, Boyd Huppert, Chad Nelson, KARE



Investigative Television – Fewer than 50 newsroom employees

First Place, Julie Kruse, John Whaley, WDIO

“Searching for Answers”


Judge’s comment

“Nice effort at helping the community solve a serious health problem. Good job at fact gathering.”


Investigative Television – 50+ newsroom employees

First Place, A.J. Lagoe, Gary Eckert, Gary Knox, KARE

“Double Billing the Badge”


Judge’s comment

“Great package about an ignored whistleblower, who tried to alert law enforcement agencies about years of overbilling by the company maintaining their patrol cars. Good editing, pulse-pounding music and a variety of interviews propel the story, which led to criminal charges for the auto repair vendor.”


Second Place, Tom Lyden, Brad Swagger, John Michael, KMSP

“The Seclusion Room”       


Newscast Television – Fewer than 50 newsroom employees

First Place, KTTC-TV Newsroom

KTTC NewsCenter at 6 p.m., March 7, 2017


Judge’s comment

“Excellent team coverage of tornadoes with a variation of story types (live shot with package, look live VO/SOT, live weather tease, reporter live in-studio package, and additional VOs). Good technique of teasing late stories high in the show to keep viewers around. Overall, good newscast with a variety of live shots, a high involvement of reporter-fronted stories, and quick moving segments to keep viewers’ interest.”


Second Place, Newsroom, WDIO-TV       

Eyewitness News at Six


Meeting/Planned Event feature  Television – Fewer than 50 newsroom employees

First Place, Taylor Holt, Kyle Aune, WDIO-TV

“Alberta Clipper Pipeline Hearing”


Judge’s comment

“Good standup look-live. Nice natural sound pop during meeting inside at the top of the story. Equal reporting for both sides of an issue. Overall good reporting.”


Meeting/Planned Event feature Television – 50+ newsroom employees   

First Place, Boyd Huppert, Chad Nelson, KARE

“Dad’s Day”


Judge’s comment

“Incredibly moving story. It made me cry. Well-written and beautifully shot and edited. The story was the “whole package.”


Second Place, Jennifer Mayerle, Joe Berglove, WCCO

“Passion for Puzzles”

2018 Page One Awards in Radio Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Thursday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in radio journalism.


Hard News Report


First Place, Emma Sapong, MPR News

“Roots of tension: race, hair, competition and black beauty stores”

Judge’s comment

“This surprising and informative piece was reported fairly, included multiple viewpoints and could likely result in listeners changing their preconceived notions on Korean dominance in this industry as well as shine a light on the struggles of entrepreneurs seeking to gain entry into a niche without having deep connections in that industry.”




First Place, Erianna Jiles, KFAI Community Radio

“The Queen of Dark”

Judge’s comment

“Fashion is not a topic often heard on radio. But this piece vividly describes the issues, the subject, her challenges and why we all should care about her groundbreaking presence in the modeling industry. Loved the narration — the delivery and vernacular felt authentic.”


Second Place, Nancy Rosenbaum, KFAI

“Chef Yia Vang’s Cultural Balancing Act”

Third Place, Sophie Nikitas, KFAI

“One Speed, No Brakes, 43 Degree Angle”


Special Project/In-depth Series


First Place, Elizabeth Dunbar, Bill Wareham, MPR News

“Feeding the Future”

Judge’s comment

“This series is full of important questions, interesting characters and an immediate sense of place. The audience engagement clearly helped shape the project. It makes for good listening.”


Second Place, Patrick Winn, PRI’s The World

“Meth’s new frontier: The marshlands of Bangladesh”

Third Place, Britt Aamodt, KFAI Community Radio

“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s Super Mayor”


Meeting/Planned Event feature


First Place, Nancy Rosenbaum, KFAI Community Radio

“Arnellia’s: Our Own Apollo”

Judge’s comment

“This is the kind of story that sticks with you. Compelling characters, local history, terrific use of sound. There were some really lovely intimate moments here. I’m glad Nancy Rosenbaum took me to Arnellia’s before it closed.”


Second Place, Xan Holsten, KFAI Community Radio

“By Punks, For Punks”

Third Place, Dan Kraker, Bill Wareham, MPR News

“Run for your lives!’ Remembering Minnesota’s worst mine disaster”

2018 Page One Awards in Online Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Thursday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in online journalism.


Best Website Online

First Place, City Pages         


Judge’s comment

“Visitors to the page are not bombarded by copy, but instead are able to easily navigate through the stories with lots of photos to break up the space. Makes it easy to skim through the headlines while picking a story to read.”


Second Place, Newsroom staff, Mankato Free Press



Best Single News Story Online           

First Place, Susan Du, City Pages

“Philando Castile verdict: Covering a wounded St. Paul turns into a long night in jail”

Judge’s comment

“Susan Du’s descriptive coverage of the protests resulting from the Philando Castile shooting verdict paints a vivid picture of the resulting protest. From protesters abusing reporters to police arresting protesters to one driver pretending like they would run over protesters.”


Second Place, Briana Bierschbach, MinnPost      

“Multiple women accuse Minnesota state Senator Dan Schoen of sexual harassment”

Third Place, Mike Mullen, City Pages

“Minneapolis shows what really happens when an emergency vehicle comes upon a protest”


Best Continuing Coverage Online           

First Place, Briana Bierschbach, MinnPost

Sexual harassment

Judge’s comment:

“Like many sexual harassment stories over the past 12 months, Bierschbach’s reporting uncovers and details the Minnesota legislature’s sexist culture. Bierschbach shows the reader exactly how male lawmakers abuse their power by groping, leering at, and inappropriately propositioning women over whom they have power. This open secret has been brought to light, clear as day, thanks in large part to this series of articles.”


Second Place, Greta Kaul, MinnPost        

“Chronic absenteeism“


Arts & Entertainment Online           

First Place, Jay Gabler, The Current / Minnesota Public Radio    

“Minnesota musicians having ‘panic and anxiety’ over planned Affordable Care Act repeal”


Second Place, Rick Nelson, Star Tribune

“Year of immigrants in restaurants”

Third Place, Jim Walsh, MinnPost

“Meet Minneapolis’ punk rock ramen chef, Matthew Kazama: ‘You can’t do this without passion’”


Arts Criticism/Review Online           

First Place, T. Aaron Cisco, Twin Cities Geek

“The Latest Black Panther Trailer Is Us”

Judge’s comment

“I’ll keep it simple and quote from the article…”Oh. Hell. Yes.” There has been a lot written about “Black Panther” and this article ranks among the better ones. Diversity matters. Representation matters. And this article picks up on the importance of both.”


Second Place, Becca Dilley, Michael Cronin, Robb Burnham, James Norton, The Heavy Table

“The Green Line Checklist”

Third Place, Pamela Espeland, MinnPost

“The Moving Company’s ‘Speechless’ needs no words”


Best Use of Multimedia


First Place, Star Tribune Staff         

“Left to Suffer”

Second Place: Star Tribune

“Little Mogadishu”

Third Place, Patrick Winn, GlobalPost Investigations

“Myanmar’s army is tormenting Muslims with a brutal rape campaign”


Best social media account – Individual


First Place, Mukhtar Ibrahim, MPR News

Mukhtar Ibrahim Twitter account

Judge’s comment

“Mukhtar Ibrahim showcases what a journalist’s Twitter account should be. Fantastic. Strong, consistent content and impressive engagement.”


Second Place, Briana Bierschbach, MinnPost      

Briana’s Twitter Account

Third Place, Chris Tomasson St. Paul Pioneer Press       

Chris Tomasson Twitter account


Best social media account – Institutional


First Place, Star Tribune staff         

Star Tribune Instagram

Judge’s comment

“Star Tribune Instagram stood out with its strong and stunning images. The photography is really what pushed Star Tribune ahead.”


Second Place, Sam Erkkila, Duluth News Tribune

Duluth News Tribune Instagram                                     


Best News Video


First Place, Mark Vancleave, Star Tribune

“Dying father battles ALS to see son’s graduation”

Judge’s comment

“Beautiful narration of a moving story. It’s great the access to the life of the characters and also the cinematography was excellent. The movie is simply amazing.”


Second Place, Josette, Elieff, Shaymus McLaughlin, GoMN

“Untold Impact: The enduring life of Marisa Bocanegra”

Third Place, Renee Jones Schneider, Star Tribune

“A boy’s love of vacuums”


Best Newsroom Blog


First Place, Michael Rand, Star Tribune,


Judge’s comment

“I have to imagine this is one of the more popular features at the StarTribune website. It’s lively and expansive – delivering news across a range of local sports – and offers an incisive mix of original reporting and analysis. My usual preference would be to award a news blog over a sports blog, but Randball seems like a can’t-miss piece of journalism for Minnesota sports fans.”


Second Place, Bob Collins, MPR News



Best Independent News Blog


First Place, Ron Meador, MinnPost

“Earth Journal”

Judge’s comment

“First, kudos to MinnPost for four brilliant blog entires. Earth Journal stood out as the clear winner with its strong and consistent coverage of issues that are truly important in our current climate crisis and political landscape. Great work covering local and national issues but most of all, bringing world-wide concerns to MinnPost readers.”


Second Place, Eric Black, MinnPost

“Eric Black Ink”       

Third Place, Pamela Espeland, MinnPost



Meeting/Planned Event Feature


First Place, Briana Bierschbach, Sam Brodey, Tom Nehil, MinnPost

“Minnesota Election Tracker”

Judge’s comment

“What a clever way for readers to keep track of the election! An excellent landing page that is constantly updated, with a drop-down with more information on each candidate.”


Second Place, Jim Walsh, Star Tribune

“35W Bridge Collapse: 10 Years later”

Third Place, Peter Callaghan, MinnPost

“What the major Minneapolis mayor candidates’ kickoff events say about their campaigns”

2018 Page One Awards in Photography


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Thursday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in photography.


Best News Photography

First Place, Evan Frost, Chris Juhn, Courtney Perry, MPR News

Judge’s comment

“The MPR team’s news photography displayed a wide range of effective images, which showed both the human impact of major news stories and gave the viewer a sense of what makes local landscapes and communities unique.”


Second Place, Richard Tsong-Taatarii, Star Tribune

Third Place, Jean Pieri, St. Paul Pioneer Press


Best Feature Photography

First Place, Brian Peterson, Star Tribune


Second Place, Maria Cardona, Evan Frost, MPR News 

Third Place, Nate Ryan, The Current /Minnesota Public Radio


Best Portrait Photography Newspaper – 50,000+ circulation  

First Place, Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

“Portraits: Immigrants and food”

Judge’s comment

“The most whimsical of a series of portraits of immigrants and food. Nicely done.”


Second Place, Shelly Mosman, City Pages “Charlie Parr”

Third Place, Bill Klotz, Finance-Commerce “Mohammed Lowall”


Best Sports Photography Newspaper – 50,000+ circulation

First Place, Caroline Yang, Monika Lawrence and Evan Frost, MPR

Judge’s comment

“Nice look at a different story. Several nice pictures here!”


Second Place, Liz Flores, Star Tribune

Third Place, Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune





MNSPJ announces winners of the Popovich award

Each year, the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists recognizes those who fight for First Amendment rights with the chapter’s Peter S. Popovich Award.

This year, the award goes to a citizens group in Victoria, Minnesota, for their five-year effort to legally compel their City Council to open meetings, follow the law and provide public information to the public.

Ken Goulart, Larry Gubbe, Tom Funk, Alan Kildow, Sonya Braunschweig and a handful of citizens fought City Hall for basic public records like council meeting minutes and email communications. They were challenged and threatened, but they stood their ground and exercised their First Amendment right to speak out, holding the government accountable for its modus operandi of secrecy.

Read a Star Tribune story on the court case.

The group spent upwards of $20,000 of their own money, filed 21 Data Practices Act requests and spent thousands of hours researching records, filing requests for information, issuing correspondence and attending council meetings. When they were met with continued resistance from City Hall, the Victoria citizens took their battle to court and won a resounding victory with an order that showed four council members intentionally violated the Open Meeting Law 38 times.

In her ruling, Judge Janet Barke Cain said of the city officials: “The defendants express their ignorance of the OML to a degree this court finds shameful with regard to their duty to the public.”

The case will help journalists in Minnesota in that it serves as a warning to those who would flout the Open Meeting Law that violations will be taken seriously and that those who break the law will face consequences.

The group will accept the award and speak at this year’s MNSPJ Page One Awards banquet on June 14.

MNSPJ seeks board candidates

MNSPJ is seeking candidates for the 2018-19 board year. Join us!

The chapter is led by a diverse, volunteer board of media professionals, past and present, who are driven by a desire to promote and protect quality journalism and the public’s right to know. 

This year’s election will begin on June 20, with candidate statements due by June 15. Results of this year’s election will be announced at the MNSPJ annual meeting in July.

Any member in good standing with the Society of Professional Journalists can run for office. Interested candidates should send a biography and short statement of candidacy to minnesota.spj@gmail.com by June 15.

Questions can be directed to MNSPJ president-elect Joe Spear at jspear@mankatofreepress.com.