Minnesota SPJ 2007 Page One Awards

Minnesota SPJ 2007 Page One Awards: Recognizing the best of Minnesota journalism.

Western Washington Chapter judges: Thank you for agreeing to judge our award entries again this year. We’re always pleased with the attention and intelligence you apply to this process.

Here are the instructions for our online judging system (password required):

1. Please be accurate when entering names, titles and other information. What you enter is what will appear on the award. We proofread the results, but it helps to have accurate information to start with.
2. Fill out the online entry form once for each award (one for first place, one for second, etc)
3. Only first place winners need judges’ comments.
4. No ties or honorable mentions
5. There should always be first place. In other words, second place cannot be the top award. If no entry is worthy of first, then no awards should be given in the category. It’s fine to not award second or third if warranted.
6. From one to four writers per entry: list their individual names-“Ed Murrow, Walt Cronkite, Eric Sevareid and Mathew Drudge” (no quotation marks). If more than four writers: organization name and staff-“Minneapolis Star Tribune Staff”.
7. Print a paper copy of the winners. This will be used to verify the database records.
8. Please mail the hard copies before along with the first place winners in each category to:

Sarah Bauer
News Council
Interim Director, Minnesota News Council
12 South Sixth Street,
Suite 927
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Mailing deadline is Wednesday, April 11th

Questions: Art Hughes, ahughes@mpr.org, office: 651-290-1462 or Yvonne Klinnert, editor@stillwatercourier.com, office: 651-439-4336.