2021 Page One Awards –Television (50+ newsroom employees)

CategoryPlacementNews OutletEntry Title (headline, broadcast title, etc):Journalist(s)
Spot/Breaking NewsFirst PlaceWCCO-TVMarch to I-94Jennifer Mayerle and Grant Verdon
Hard News ReportFirst PlaceKMSP-TVFall of the 3rd PrecinctTom Lyden, Brad Swagger, Tyler Ryan and John Michael
Hard News ReportSecond PlaceKSTP-TVDisconnectedKirsten Swanson and Dylan Jacobson
Hard News ReportThird PlaceKARE 11Teachable Moments at 38th & ChicagoBoyd Hupert and Devin Krinke
FeatureFirst PlaceKMSP-TVHospital HeroesTom Lyden, Brian Wiedeke and Brad Swagger
Special Project/In-depth SeriesFirst PlaceKARE 11KARE 11 Investigates: The UntestedA.J. Lagoe, Brandon Stahl, Steve Eckert and Gary Knox
Special Project/In-depth SeriesSecond PlaceKSTP-TVStill UnprotectedKirsten Swanson and Monty Stuempert
Special Project/In-depth SeriesThird PlaceKSTP-TVConversations About Racism and the Road to EqualityBrandi Powell, Josh Cobb and Kevin Bubach
InvestigativeFirst PlaceKSTP-TVIn the RedKirsten Swanson and Dylan Jacobson
InvestigativeSecond PlaceWCCO-TVNeck Restraints Forced OutJennifer Mayerle and Grant Verdon
InvestigativeThird PlaceKARE 11KARE 11 Investigates: Cruel & UnusualA.J. Lagoe, Brandon Stahl, Steve Eckert and Gary Knox