2021 Page One Awards — Photography

CategoryPlacementNews OutletEntry Title (headline, broadcast title, etc):Journalist(s)
Best News PhotographyFirst PlaceStar TribuneSelected photosRichard Tsong-Taatarii
Best News PhotographySecond PlaceMPR NewsColumbus Statue ToppledEvan Frost
Best Feature PhotographyFirst PlaceStar TribuneSelected photosJeff Wheeler
Best Feature PhotographySecond PlaceMPR NewsMPR feature photography compilationEvan Frost
Best Portrait PhotographyFirst PlaceMPR NewsPortraits of ValorEvan Frost
Best Portrait PhotographySecond PlaceNorth NewsCulture & Crown - Maleda Xiong, Miss Hmong Minnesota With his gigs on hiatus, bluesman Cornbread Harris still feels he’s ‘a blessed dude’David Pierini
Best Portrait PhotographyThird PlaceStar TribuneLeila Navidi photosLeila Navidi
Best Sports PhotographyFirst PlaceStar TribuneSelected photosCarlos Gonzalez
Best Sports PhotographySecond PlaceGrand Forks HeraldGirls volleyball at the netEric Hylden