2021 Page One Awards — Magazine

CategoryPlacementNews OutletEntry Title (headline, broadcast title, etc):Journalist(s)
Best Profile StoryFirst PlacePrairie Business MagazineMinnesota woman highlights tragedy to bring awareness to workplace safetyAndrew Weeks
Best Profile StorySecond PlaceTwin Cities BusinessMonica NassifLiz Fedor
Best Profile StoryThird PlaceRochester MagazineA Full LifeJennifer Koski
Best Feature StoryFirst PlaceTwin Cities BusinessThe Minneapolis Fed Sheds Its Reserve...Liz Fedor
Best Feature StorySecond PlaceRochester MagazineThe Time TravelerSteve Lange
Best DepartmentFirst PlaceTwin Cities BusinessAmped UpTess Allen
Best DepartmentSecond PlaceRochester MagazineRandom RochesteriteJennifer Koski
Best DepartmentThird PlaceRochester Magazine10 questionsSteve Lange
Best ColumnFirst PlaceMankato MagazineBeyond the Margin columns by Joe SpearJoe Spear
Best ColumnSecond PlaceTwin Cities BusinessWorking ItLinda L. Holstein
Best ColumnThird PlaceRochester MagazineOddchesterSteve Lange
Best CoverFirst PlaceSuper Lawyer MagazineShop TalkTrevor Kupfer and Angela Mertz
Best CoverSecond PlaceRochester MagazineMay 2020 IssueLisa Houghton
Best CoverThird PlacePrairie Business MagazineJuly 2020, Leaders and LegacieAndrew Weeks
Best Page DesignFirst PlaceRochester MagazineSide HustlesLisa Houghton
Graphics/Art and illustrationFirst PlaceRochester MagazineThe Time TravelerLisa Houghton
Best IssueFirst PlacePioneer PressNorthwest Publications Premium Section: ProhibitionNick Woltman and Molly Ballis
Best IssueSecond PlaceRochester MagazineMay 2020 IssueStaff
Best IssueThird PlaceTwin Cities BusinessAugust/September 2020Staff