MN SPJ Election Results Announced

Election results were announced at the MN SPJ annual meeting, Tuesday, June 25 at Sweeney’s in St. Paul.  Thank you to all the members who participated in this year’s election.  The ballot of candidates was extremely impressive and the race was tight.  Please join us in welcoming our new leaders to the MN SPJ Board.


June 25, 2013

President (elected in 2013)
Anna Pratt

Chris Newmarker

Dan Haugen

Sarah McKenzie

Directors – Two Year Terms

Daphne Adato*

Ben Garvin

Jonathan Keiling

Michelle Morgante

Directors – One Year Term

Jon Collins*


*Daphne and Jon were tied with 17 votes each, we very officially flipped a coin at the annual meeting to determine who would serve the 2-year and 1-year terms, respectively.