twitterAre you still slumming your way through a college newspaper waiting for an internship opportunity to come up for next summer? Or maybe you recently graduated college and want to actually start using your journalism degree, instead of selling clothes at Gap? SPJ is here to help.

Join us @spj_tweets at 2 p.m. ET on Sept. 30 for our college/post graduate #youngjournojobs Twitter chat all about finding jobs, updating resumes, wearing the right clothes to interviews and everything in-between.

Even better, Kenna Griffin, assistant professor of Mass Communications at Oklahoma City University who has a really great website for young journalists, will be leading the discussion!

So come with questions, answers, suggestions, fashion advice, journo job websites or just all of your piled up confusion about how to break into the world of journalism. Doesn’t matter why, just join in and invite your friends.