2018 Page One Awards in Radio Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Thursday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in radio journalism.


Hard News Report


First Place, Emma Sapong, MPR News

“Roots of tension: race, hair, competition and black beauty stores”

Judge’s comment

“This surprising and informative piece was reported fairly, included multiple viewpoints and could likely result in listeners changing their preconceived notions on Korean dominance in this industry as well as shine a light on the struggles of entrepreneurs seeking to gain entry into a niche without having deep connections in that industry.”




First Place, Erianna Jiles, KFAI Community Radio

“The Queen of Dark”

Judge’s comment

“Fashion is not a topic often heard on radio. But this piece vividly describes the issues, the subject, her challenges and why we all should care about her groundbreaking presence in the modeling industry. Loved the narration — the delivery and vernacular felt authentic.”


Second Place, Nancy Rosenbaum, KFAI

“Chef Yia Vang’s Cultural Balancing Act”

Third Place, Sophie Nikitas, KFAI

“One Speed, No Brakes, 43 Degree Angle”


Special Project/In-depth Series


First Place, Elizabeth Dunbar, Bill Wareham, MPR News

“Feeding the Future”

Judge’s comment

“This series is full of important questions, interesting characters and an immediate sense of place. The audience engagement clearly helped shape the project. It makes for good listening.”


Second Place, Patrick Winn, PRI’s The World

“Meth’s new frontier: The marshlands of Bangladesh”

Third Place, Britt Aamodt, KFAI Community Radio

“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s Super Mayor”


Meeting/Planned Event feature


First Place, Nancy Rosenbaum, KFAI Community Radio

“Arnellia’s: Our Own Apollo”

Judge’s comment

“This is the kind of story that sticks with you. Compelling characters, local history, terrific use of sound. There were some really lovely intimate moments here. I’m glad Nancy Rosenbaum took me to Arnellia’s before it closed.”


Second Place, Xan Holsten, KFAI Community Radio

“By Punks, For Punks”

Third Place, Dan Kraker, Bill Wareham, MPR News

“Run for your lives!’ Remembering Minnesota’s worst mine disaster”