2019 Page One Awards in Radio Journalism

MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in radio journalism.


Hard News Report

First place

“Train to nowhere: Twin Cities light rail becomes home for the homeless.”

Nina Moini and Laura McCallum, MPR News

The judge said: “The final product is seamless and highly listenable. This is what good community journalism on radio sounds like. Bravo.”


Second place

“Minnesota Native News: Minnesota Historical Society Works With Tribes on Historic Sacred Site.”

Cole Premo, Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations



First Place

“Bending Nimbus to her will.”

Anna Stitt, KFAI

The judge said: “A very good balance of different voices, sounds and attention to detail in the story … Nice work.”


Second Place

“A violinist grapples with death.”

Ryan Dawes, KFAI


Third Place

“Common carp are being removed from Minnesota lakes by the truckload.”

Elizabeth Dunbar and Meg Martin, MPR News


Special Project/In-depth Series

First Place

“Sex trafficking: The new slavery.”

Laurie Stern, Freddie Bell and Chantel SinGs, Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations

The judge said: “This is truly in-depth reporting, unusual for radio in its level of detail, sourcing and impact on the listener. This kind of journalism is all too rare in this day and age, and all too necessary for the profession and society at large.”


Second place

“Experts worry fatal brain disease could threaten Minnesota’s $1 billion deer-hunting industry.”

John Enger and Euan Kerr, MPR News


Third place

“An Unvarnished, Unholy Tour of Franklin Avenue.”

Melissa Olson, KFAI



First Place

“At Renaissance Festival, women recount years of harassment.”

Marianne Combs and Eric Ringham, MPR News

The judge said: “This is a difficult subject to report on in any context. The reporter did an excellent job of handling it in a highly professional way, getting comment from multiple points of view. A top piece of work.”



First place

“Minnesota Native News: It’s never just housing.”

Melissa Townsend and Marie Rock, Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations


Sports news coverage

First place

“Playing the National Anthem on a Pipa? Gao Hong brings it.”

Ryan Dawes, KFAI


Second place

“Why she skateboards despite the pain.”

Katie Thornton, KFAI