2020 Page One Awards in Radio Journalism


MNSPJ congratulates all the winners recognized Tuesday night at the annual Page One Awards!  Here’s a list of winners for excellence in radio journalism.


4A. Spot/Breaking News [Radio] First Place Tim Nelson MPR News Missing teen Jayme Closs emerged from woods, asked dog walker for help Very good piece, interview was laid out well, easy to follow and listen to
    Matt Sepic      
    Nancy Lebens      
    Evan Frost      
4B. Hard News Report [Radio] First Place Elizabeth Shockman MPR News At Burnsville’s Metcalf Middle School, racial slurs poisoned the culture Well done highlighting an important topic and how it affected both students and faculty, the quotes from the kids affected added to the story, audio levels were mixed pretty well
    Christine Nguyen      
    Eric Ringham      
    Laura McCallum      
  Second Place Leah Lemm Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations Native Lights: Where Indigenous Voices Shine – Media Makers Ep5  
    Cole Premo      
    Melissa Townsend      
    Laurie Stern      
4C. Feature [Radio] First Place Robert McGinley Myers KFAI’s MinneCulture Courtroom Theater Really interesting piece, never heard the theory of theater and attorneys, very good description to paint the picture in your head, covered the story really well, it’s memorable
  Second Place Ryan Dawes KFAI’s MinneCulture Unfamous Rock Manager Tells All  
  Third Place Sheila Regan KFAI’s MinneCulture Time Signatures Explained, Then Deranged  
4D. Special Project/In-depth Series [Radio] First Place Freddie Bell Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations Sex Trafficking: Breaking Free, A 2-Part Radio Documentary from KMOJ Outstanding work to do twice in a row, very good in-depth reporting covering multiple angles, getting different stories, testimonials, addition of the men’s side of the story was excellent
    Chantel SinGs      
    Laurie Stern      
    Erin Warhol      
  Second Place Andrea Swensson Minnesota Public Radio / The Current Prince: The Story of 1999  
    Anna Weggel      
    Corey Schreppel      
  Third Place Megan






MPR News To tackle the achievement gap, you have to tackle bias  
4E. Investigative [Radio] First Place Marianne Combs MPR News Innocence Lost Outstanding work to report on such a heartbreaking and impactful story to the community — thorough coverage, well done
    Eric Ringham      
    Christine Nguyen      
    Will Lager      
  Second Place Britt Aamodt KFAI’s MinneCulture Generation AIDS: Minnesota’s HIV/AIDS Crisis  
  Third Place Jennifer Lewerenz KNSI Who Helps the Helpers: Mental Health and the First Responder Community  
    Jake Judd      
    Myah Christenson      
4F. Newscast [Radio] First Place Newsroom   MPR News Morning Edition 7 a.m. newscast on Nov. 27, 2019 Comprehensive newscast, good coverage of breaking news, variety of stories
4G. Sports News Coverage [Radio] First Place Anna Stitt KFAI’s MinneCulture Rinkside With Brownbody Really good story highlighting multiple angles of sports, women in sports, women in figure skating, incorporated diversity