MNSPJ responds to protest outside WCCO reporter’s home

Video has surfaced of a protest outside of WCCO reporter Liz Collin’s home, where a pinata replica of her was destroyed by protesters. The Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists supports the public’s constitutional right to protest peacefully, but views the destruction of Collin’s image on her private property to be a direct threat against her as a journalist.

In this current climate, journalists have been regularly disparaged and threatened while doing their jobs, and many have dealt with the abuse quietly while they proceed with their important work. We encourage the general public to use respectful and peaceful means to communicate dissatisfaction with journalists’ coverage, such as contacting them or their supervisors directly or demonstrating outside of their place of work, rather than using threats and intimidation to attack them personally.

We also urge media outlets to address concerns about conflicts of interest in a timely and transparent manner. At this moment in particular, it is essential that the industry do its part to maintain the public’s trust.